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Submissions, contact, FAQs
Submissions are now open.

FAQ’s –

Do I have to buy a copy of The Stained Glass Door to submit my work?  No, but in order to create consistent character development and to avoid logical inconsistencies as the series develops, it is important to be familiar with the characters and their past stories. Your library can order it….

Will The Stained Glass Door be available as an ebook?

How do I submit my writing to be considered for the second in the series “The Stained Glass Door?”
See “Submissions.”

Is there a submission fee?
No, not at this time. This might change in the future.

How will published authors be compensated?
Selected authors will be paid a flat fee of $100 per story. (We considered a profit sharing system, but were advised by folks in the publishing industry to not expect real profits for some time, maybe never. With that in mind, a flat fee up front seemed better for authors.) In addition, published authors will be given credit and space for a short bio in the novel. Published authors will also be mailed two complimentary copies of the novel in which their work appears.

What rights to the works submitted will be purchased by WriteReadTalk?
Because of the ongoing nature of the series, WRT must purchase all rights to accepted work. This is somewhat different than many literary magazines, anthologies, etc. Please consider this when submitting.

Is there an age limit for authors?
(No, but authors below the age of 18 will be required to have their work submitted and co-signed by a parent or legal guardian.)

Are there suggested guidelines for authors to consider?
(see Submissions)

Are there specific types of fiction for submissions?
No. (See Topics in the Submission Guidelines.)


Submissions guidelines:

1. Suggested word count of stories: 1500 to 5000 words.

2. Format: 12 point font, double spaced, with title of story, the intended “author” from the first of the series, and the full name of the actual author at the top.

3. Topic: open, but limited cursing, no overly suggestive material. We are trying to create a forum for thoughtful, funny, touching, and insightful writing.

4. Discussion portion of chapter: contributors may submit actual discussion as exists in the first WriteReadTalk novel, or may just submit a suggested topic, explanation, or an outline.  For purposes of the continuity and plot, these discussions may or may not be incorporated into the actual book, or may be used as a portion or starting point or edited/changed significantly.

5. New material, topics, characters: the first part of The Stained Glass Door left the possibility of new character/writers to join the group in the next of the series. If you have a story that would not easily fit any of the existing characters, you may submit the story, and suggest the new character’s name, age, gender, ethnic background, etc. as fits your submission. To be clear, WriteReadTalk must be given the rights to that character for future use in the series and that is in our contract. If you love a character and would like to own that character in the future for your own writing, consider this carefully. Obviously, you can just change the name of the character in the future, or submit the story with a different name for use in WriteReadTalk books. We would like to add one or two characters in each new WriteReadTalk book, but this is not set in stone.

6. Submitting your work: Digitally: using our contacts page boxes, submit your name and email address. In the “Subject” box, tell us for which character in The Stained Glass Door you are submitting a story (Martin, Taglia, Timmy, etc.) Just say “A story for Martin.” In the “Your Message” box, copy and paste your story, complete with a suggested title, and your name as the original author. You may submit up to two stories, but please submit them individually/ separately to prevent over-reaching the 5000 word limit. By hard copy: print out your story/stories (12 point font, double spaced) and discussion section, include which character in The Stained Glass Door your stories are for, your name, and contact information (phone, email, mailing address) and mail in a 8 ½ by 11 manila envelope to: WriteReadTalk, PO Box 98, Clayton, CA 94517

7. Authors
whose work is to be considered for the final selection and publication will be contacted directly prior to publication of the next WriteReadTalk novel.   However, the final form of the novel will not be published or made public prior to the novel actually being available for purchase.

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