John Marvin


About the Author

authorphotoGrowing up, John Marvin often heard his father’s and great uncles’ stories of fights, feuds, and difficult lives lived in a past era. Like his ancestors, the author has worked many jobs: gas station attendant, farmhand, bellhop, forklift operator, highway maintenance, photographer, teacher, corporate communications. His writing is a product of experience, extensive reading and a slightly off-balance storytelling process.

Currently, his primary goal in publishing The Stained Glass Door is to open the door to a new form of fiction for short fiction writers. He believes there are many writers (of all ages, genders, and backgrounds) who could contribute to the next part of this first novel in the WriteReadTalk series. He encourages writers (and those folks who believe they know someone who is a good writer) to read more about the WriteReadTalk concept, to get hold of a copy of The Stained Glass Door (part1) and to see which character in The Stained Glass Door their stories might fit.  The characters range from Timmy, a very smart 12 year old…to Taglia, a college athlete…to Leonard, a slightly ragged bum in his eighties.

John Marvin, the creator of the WriteReadTalk concept, is absolutely sure there are far better, but little known, writers than himself. He hopes those writers will help continue and improve the ongoing story begun in The Stained Glass Door by submitting their own creative short fiction.