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In The Stained Glass Door, the first WriteReadTalk™ novel, seven strangers, all dead, find themselves seated at a large table in an other-worldly room of constantly shifting scenery. With little fanfare, their leader tells them they will be writing and discussing “allegories, parables, and legends of a personal nature” which will be “…added to the inventory of the world’s ongoing story.”

With no other choice, they Write.

When a story is finished, they Read.

Having read, they Talk.

Then, they return to writing.

Narrated in first person by Martin, one of the participant/writers, The Stained Glass Door is a novel in which each chapter opens with a short fiction story, followed by a discussion/debate of the writers in the group.  Through Martin’s eyes, the discussions, and the stories of each writer, we come to know the lives, joys, and tragedies of the participants, who range in age from 12 to eighty.


- About WriteReadTalk™ -

WriteReadTalk is an independently owned company formed to promote works of short fiction created with a certain mindset: slightly whacked.  In particular, we are creating a series of connected short fiction novels with the purpose of encouraging authors of short fiction to participate in a distinctive fictional form.

Under the umbrella trademark WriteReadTalk™, this format will provide writers a forum to showcase innovative short fiction writing, and at the same time, introduce readers to some of the author’s thought processes.  The first of the series, The Stained Glass Door, was written entirely by John Marvin.  The Stained Glass Door(Part I) consists of stories ostensibly written by the set of eight characters of the first book and the discussions of those characters.

However, writers interested in contributing to the next in the series will be able to submit up to two stories, with each submitted story designated as having been “written” by one of the fictional characters presented in the first of the series.

Note: at the end of The Stained Glass Door (part 1) the story offers the chance for more character/writers to join the group. This opens the opportunity for new fictional character/authors in the next of the series, and freedom for contributing authors to submit stories not reasonably created by the initial eight character/writers of the first The Stained Glass Door.

WriteReadTalk intends to create a series of connected short fiction novels centered around characters readers will come to know and care about, but with stories contributed by writers whose age, gender, or way of being may or may not be reflected in the story they choose to submit.  Writers, in essence, are invited to “ghost” write for dead fictional writers. Published authors will, of course, be paid and given credit for their work.

Submissions are now open for the continuing story of WriteReadTalk’s The Stained Glass Door, part 2.

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